Policy on publishing integrity

The Eucass book series Advances in AeroSpace Sciences present selected papers from the biennial EUCASS conference.

Ethical Publication Practices

The Eucass book series are committed to the standards of publishing integrity and academic honesty. Editors, reviewers and authors are encouraged to refer to The Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE) and to follow its Code of conduct and guidelines.

Serious misconduct (for example, data fabrication, falsification or plagiarism) is taken seriously into consideration and is further investigated. When a suspicion of misconduct turns out to be confirmed, the available sanction is applied.

Editorial Committee & Peer Review

The selection process is very rigorous. It is a three-step mechanism:

  1. Selection of submitted papers to compose the conference programme whereby the abstracts received are accepted or rejected on the basis of pertinence and ordered into coherent sessions. This step is under the responsibility of the Technical Committee of the conference.
  2. Rating of the oral presentations and companion manuscripts at the time of the conference by the session chairperson and his/her co-chair; contents, relevance and clarity are the main selection criteria. A short list representing about 30% of the presented works is thus obtained.
  3. Submission of the short list to a panel of at least two referees per paper to obtain the final book contents.

Each book compiles roughly the 10-20% best presentations of the conference in the discipline. The referees consulted are among the very best in the field worldwide. Their names are posted in the acknowledgments section of the volume. It can be claimed that each volume contains the state of the art of European innovation and scientific knowledge, complemented with some excellent contributions from the Americas and Asia.