EUCASS, the European Conference for AeroSpace Sciences (www.eucass.eu), was created by European scientists and engineers to improve the vitality of their scientific communication, the quality of their technical activities and to stimulate exchanges between researchers and industry end-users worldwide. On July 6th, 2006, it became a non-profit association under Belgian law. It is a member of the International Astronautical Federation.


EUCASS is a long-overdue initiative inspired from the "AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting" held annually in the USA.

Its aim is to provide a unique and attractive forum for all aerospace research players on the European continent, only a few hours from home. It is also a conference that scientists from other countries will like to attend, to gain a comprehensive picture of European accomplishments at an affordable cost.

Furthermore, EUCASS intends to bring together all the expertise available on the continent, to foster communication networks, particularly within EU's framework programmes. EUCASS is also aimed at attracting young scientists to the profession and developing mobility and co-operations in all the states of "Great Europe", including Russia. Lastly EUCASS will provide a suitable venue for important exchanges between decision makers in governments and industry, thus becoming their natural meeting ground.